Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tell me about it!

I'm an introvert.  In fact, if you are into the whole type watching thing, I'm an INTJ to be specific.  An INTJ is your typical mad scientist, rummaging through junk drawers looking for stuff to fix or new ways to put things together.  The last thing that comes to mind for me is to tell people about the things I am doing.  I guess that's why my blog is so thin. 

Another problem with being an INTJ is that you don't stick with something for very long.  As soon as the problem is solved, the mystery revealed, it's off to search under the next rock I go.  I'm like a crow.  Shiny things catch my attention for awhile, then I move on.  I'm not ADD or anything.  It's just that as an Intuitive person (the N in INTJ) I learn what I need about a subject quite quickly, and they I either do something with it or say, "That's cool!" and start thinking about something else. 

I've often thought about writing.  I write a bit of poetry, and I think poetry suits my personality type quite well.  I've done some work on short stories and screen plays, but I've never really taken them anywhere.  I've turned my short attention span into a problem that my mad scientist brain can solve by asking the question, "How can I solve the problem of writing an interesting story?"  That didn't quite work because solving the problem and actually writing the story are two different things.

One thing I've learned about myself is that I don't really like working in a vacuum.  I like working in a team.  Working by yourself all the time sucks.  I do tons and tons of research.  My house is filled with books.  I've studied dozens of technologies in the software field, but when you come across something cool or crazy you need someone to share that with, someone to feed off and bounce ideas around with.  That's the hard part.  It's a catch 22.  If I don't spend time socializing online or otherwise, I just end up back in the dungeon solving the mysteries of the universe again, all by myself.  No fun there.

So, the point is I need to get out there and start talking, start yakkity yakking it up.  I need to leave my digital mark on the universe.  I need to spread some vibes, generate some karma, toss a pebble, touch a butterfly (actually, I prefer dragonflies, but this is a metaphor).  I need to make some noise.

It's a start.